AUREA Technology offers the "best in class" single photon counting modules

AUREA OEM NIR Photon counter smallThe SPD_OEM_NIR is a high-performance and compact near-infrared Single Photon detection module designed for industrial and scientific applications that require high photon detection efficiency, reliability, and high-level of integration. It is based on cooled Geiger-mode InGaAs avalanche photodiode technologies controlled by its free-running and gated-mode embedded electronics and user-friendly software. Its "champion-grade" version performs up to 30% QE, Dark Count Rate noise < 1,000 cps, after-pulsing probability < 0.1%, and low timing jitter < 200 ps. Its remote interface allows to easily adjust the QE and the Dead Time by using the DLL libraries compatible to the most well-known programming languages. 

Very well engineered the SPD_OEM_NIR is today the most valuable NIR single photon detection module for both asynchronous and synchronous low-level-of-light detection applications in the industry.


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Picosecond diode laser module

PIXEA LASER HEAD - LowResThe PIXEA_OEM is a high-performance picosecond laser based on gain-switched laser diode technologies controlled by its embedded electronics and software. The PIXEA_OEM offers a large variety of wavelengths from 375 nm to 1990 nm. Designed for the most demanding industrial applications, the PIXEA generates ultrashort laser pulses down to 20 ps with extremely-low timing jitter down to 3 ps, and excellent beam quality. Its embedded electronics is able to continuously tune the repetition rate from single shot to 120 MHz, the pulse width from <40 ps to 5 ns and the peak power up to 1W. It can be easily triggered by an external source and remotely controlled by a PC via its USB port. Its remote interface allows to easily adjust the laser pulse shape (rate, width and power) by using the DLL libraries compatible to the most well-known programming languages. Dual-mode (CW & pulsed) and different optical output options are also available.

Very well engineered the PIXEA_OEM is the most versatile picosecond laser diode module designed for industrial applications that require high-performance, flexibity, reliability, and low cost of ownership.

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