AUREA Technology offers the "best in class" single photon counting modules

Jérôme Prieur - President and Director of Sales

Jerome has over 20 years of experience in managing companies growth in photonics, laser and optical fibre communication systems. He cofounded AUREA Technology is 2010. Previoulsy, he was Vice President of sales at VPIsystems, and Director of Sales North America at Photonis and SmartQuantum. Jerome participated to launch five high-tech start-ups in Europe and USA. Jerome received M.Sc. in laser and opto-electronics from Heriot-Watt / St Andrews University and the Sorbonne University Pierre et Marie Curie. He is also graduated from Toulouse Business School and trained at EM Lyon Business School.

Johann Cussey -  General Manager

Johann Cussey has a Ph.D. in quantum cryptography systems from Franche-Comte faculty of sciences. He cofounded AUREA Technology in 2010. Prior to this, he worked at SmartQuantum and developed long-distance Quantum Key Distribution systems based on single photon counting and laser technologies. Previously, he worked at the French National Research Center, the CNRS. Dr. Cussey is the recipient of several innovation awards.

Frédéric Patois - Director of Technology

Frédéric Patois obtained his Ph.D. from the Franche-Comte University. His research was focused on long distance and stable quantum key distribution. He cofounded AUREA Technology in 2010. Prior to this, Dr. Patois actively developed quantum encryption systems for long-range Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems at SmartQuantum.

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