AUREA Technology offers the "best in class" single photon counting modules

With the recent progress in quantum physics and in the development of PPLN and quantum dots, the development of single photon sources and entangled photon sources is growing rapidly. The new developed single photon sources require to be characterized by very low level of light detectors, such as single photon counters.

The DUAL single photon counter from AUREA Technology, the SPD_A_M2 was especially designed to characterize the twin photon source also named entangled photon source with timing correlation techniques.

Moreover, the newly designed “all-in-one” 2-channel TCSPC module, the LynXea_M2 fully integrates two photon detectors and the timing correlation feature in the same box. Moreover, one other advantage is that the two independent photon detectors are paired during the manufacturing. Thus, the two paired detectors have similar Dark Count Rate and Quantum Efficiency.

As a matter of fact, the LynXea_M2 2-channel single photon counting module from AUREA Technology is today the ideal instruments for the characterization of any single photon sources and twin photon sources.

SPD_A_NIR [900 - 1700 nm] Single Photon counting Module:

LynXea_NIR [900 - 1700 nm] Time-Correlated Single Photon counting Module:

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