AUREA Technology offers the "best in class" single photon counting modules


The fluorescence timing measurement is applied is numerous scientific and industrial applications, such as the characterization of molecules (proteins, peptides, lipids ...), nanotechnology (carbon nanotubes ...) or the imaging microscopes.

This fluorescence signal is very low light intensity and measured by a very sensitive optical detector, a photon counter. This detector associated with a time correlator can reconstruct the fluorescence signal. The technique of Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) is particularly well suited for fluorescence measurements. Indeed, by adding small sample responses obtained over several cycles of excitation / emission, we obtain the fluorescence signal.

The latest photon counter with temporal correlation the LynXea from AUREA Technology is the instrument best suited self-contained TCSPC module to measure time measurements of fluorescence.



PIXEA series [405 - 1700 nm]

Picosecond laser source 



4-channels time correlation module


LynXea_VIS [400 - 1060 nm]

Time-Correlated Single Photon counting instrument

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